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Partner Jeffrey E. Hurd, Esq. Gets a No Cause at Trial in St. Lawrence County

Attorney Jeffrey Hurd got a no cause at a trial in St. Lawrence County.  Plaintiff claimed that he slipped and fell on a ramp outside a hospital emergency department because the ramp was hazardous due to a steep slope, lack … Continue reading

Attorney Steven V. DeBraccio Moved for Summary Judgment Dismissing Personal Injury Action

Attorney Steven V. DeBraccio successfully moved for summary judgment, dismissing plaintiff’s personal injury action against our client. Plaintiff alleged she sustained personal injuries when she tripped and fell over a traised bump in the sidewalk along the border of property … Continue reading

Attorney Thomas P. Armstrong Successfully Obtained Summary Judgment

Attorney Thomas P. Armstrong successfully obtained Summary Judgment in a case venued in Ulster County. This case involved a young woman who test drove a motorcycle from our client’s company who sold used vehicles. Our client was previously owned by … Continue reading

Attorney Kelly Magnuson obtained summary judgment in a slip and fall case

Attorney Kelly Magnuson obtained summary judgment in a slip and fall case.  Plaintiff fell on ice while walking on a road in the Village of Kiryas Joel. The plaintiff suffered a fracture to the left shoulder that required an arthroplasty … Continue reading

Attorney Steven V. DeBraccio moved the court for summary judgment

Attorney Steven V. DeBraccio moved the court for summary judgment on a case involving a plaintiff who sought recovery for injuries related to a slip and fall accident over the edge of a paved sidewalk on our client who owned … Continue reading

Attorney Rounds secures a dismissal of a 20M med mal suit

Attorney Jessica A. Rounds moved the court to dismiss a 20M case involving a local municipality in an alleged medical malpractice action. Plaintiff sought recovery for significant injuries but failed to establish a deviation from good and accepted medical practices, … Continue reading

BSH welcomes the addition of attorney Steven DeBraccio

Steven joined the firm in April 2019. Steven is a 2013 graduate from Albany Law School.  He has previously worked with the NYS Court of Appeals, within the Law Reporting Bureau, focusing on decisions and appeals. Prior to that he … Continue reading

BSH is happy to announce the addition of Thomas P Armstrong as Associate Attorney

Thomas P Armstrong joined the firm in September 2018 and was recently admitted in January 2019. Thomas is a 2018 graduate from Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.  He has previously interned with the Court of Appeals in … Continue reading


Peter Balouskas is a partner with the firm Burke, Scolamiero & Hurd, LLP with offices in Albany, Hudson & Rome, NY. This is his attorney’s blog examining the latest decisions of consequence in the State of New York   … Continue reading

Attorney Heather L. Pollock Successfully Moved For Summary Judgment In An Action Involving an Alleged Slip And Fall On Snow And Ice

The defendant was a snow and ice removal company. They contracted for the removal of snow and ice with the plaintiff’s employer.  Heather L. Pollock filed a motion for summary judgment seeking dismissal of the action on behalf of the … Continue reading