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Newly Admitted BSMH Attorney Heather Pollock’s First Summary Judgment Win Dismissing Complaint!!

This action arose from a trip and fall on a sidewalk outside of a church.  The Plaintiff testified at a 50-H hearing that she could not identify the cause of her fall and that she walked up and down the … Continue reading


The plaintiff sought damages for loss of sepulcher contending that the defendant, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, failed to make adequate attempts to locate her following her brother’s death, who was a patient at the facility. Mr. Scolamiero demonstrated … Continue reading

Tom Cullen Successfully Defends Landlord from a Slip and Fall Lawsuit at Trial

A plaintiff, a tenant in a 2-family home, claimed that his absentee landlord was negligent in failing to adequately clear snow and ice from the home’s front steps. As a result, the plaintiff allegedly slipped and fell on ice causing … Continue reading

Judi Aumand has another successful win on a motion for summary judgment

This case arises out of an assault and battery by a former employee against his foreman, the plaintiff.  Plaintiff had terminated the assailant two weeks prior to the incident for parking violations at the construction site at the direction of … Continue reading

Partner Tom Mortati featured on special two hour “Dateline NBC” episode!

Tom Mortati was prominently featured in a special two hour “Dateline NBC” episode “The Accused” that aired in September 2016 and again in February 2017 highlighting his work defending a police agency in a federal civil rights case.  Mr. Mortati’s … Continue reading

Congratulations to Partner Judi Aumand on winning 2 recent motions!

In the first case, Plaintiff was injured when the vehicle in which she was traveling attempted to make a left turn from the Town of Halfmoon owned Lansing Lane across State owned Route 9 and was struck by another vehicle.  … Continue reading

Another motion win for Associate Judith Aumand, Esq.

Plaintiff commenced an action against defendant for negligence in a rear-end motor vehicle accident. Through the course of discovery, it came to light that the plaintiff had stopped in traffic because a vehicle in front of him was backing up … Continue reading

Successful defense win for Associate Judith Aumand, Esq.

Plaintiffs sought pre-action disclosure from defendants concerning an allegation of injuries sustained when an operative chair in a laser eye facility allegedly collapsed during a procedure causing personal injuries. In opposition, our office submitted the medical records of the visit … Continue reading

Partner Tom Mortati, Esq. wins verdict for client, Bast Hatfield, Inc.!

Bast Hatfield, Inc. v. Gilman & Company Drywall, Inc. In a severed third-party trial, partner Tom Mortati, Esq. successfully obtained a complete pass through verdict over and against the third-party defendant in this Labor Law Section 240(1) construction accident case.  … Continue reading

BSMH successfully defends Albany Medical Center

BSMH successfully defends 22 New Scotland Ave, LLC and Albany Medical Center from a personal injury lawsuit. In the case, the plaintiff had alleged that she slipped and fell on a handicap accessible exterior ramp leading to and from the … Continue reading